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Orfeu Mini

Tu e Eu e Todos

Tu e Eu e Todos

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Everybody feels the same, sometimes.
Our wishes, dreams, thoughts, and feelings are personal to us but all experienced by others. Guided by a friendly page-hopping cat, "You and Me and Everybody Else" tackles the topics of emotions and experiences in a sympathetic manner, encouraging empathy with others.
Depicting real-life situations from sleeping and dreaming, to playing outdoors and laughing with friends, to everyday boredom, this book breaks down barriers and negates cultural differences. As readers turn the pages, the message builds strength. Ultimately, no matter what we look like, or where we come from, we can find links to ourselves in one and other.

AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR Marcos Farina ORIGINAL TITLE You and Me and Everybody Else VERSION Portuguese TRANSLATION Carla Oliveira EDITOR Orfeu Mini EDITION YEAR 2021 PP. 40 FORMAT hardback | 19,5 x 28,6 cm ISBN 9789899071001

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