Bokkie: a range without screws.

Frontfacing bookshelves make it very easy for even the smallest toddler to choose a book: see it, hold it, take it!

Shelves that stand for autonomy and independence.

In a beautiful yet simple way, Alata shelves frame the books and activities you've chosen for your child.

Everything is at hand so that your child can use it freely, being able to put if back in its place once they're done.

Krakki: the book keeper.

Krakki offers a segmented storage area for dedicated readers who own large book collections.

Each book in its place so they're easier to find.


A cover is worth a thousand book spines.

The best publicity for a picture book is the wonderful art on the cover. Our bookshelves allow it to standout in a special way.

Carefully select a small set of books to display at any given time, so your child will develop an even closer relationship with them.

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