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Regresso a Casa

Regresso a Casa

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A mother rabbit and her young bunny are on their way home in the dark night.
"My mother carries me through the quiet streets", the bunny explains.
"Most of our neighbours are already home."
The bunny can see their lights in the windows, and hear and smell what they might be doing: talking on the phone, pulling a pie out of the oven, having a party, saying goodbye. When they reach home, the father rabbit tucks the bunny into bed. But the bunny continues to wonder about the neighbours' activities.

This beautiful picture book captures the magical wonder a child feels at being outside in the night. Award-winning author and illustrator Akiko Miyakoshi's softly focused black-and-white illustrations with just a touch of neutral color have a dreamlike quality, just right for nodding off to sleep with. The book is intriguing in that it contains twice-told stories, once as they are observed and second as the bunny imagines them. This offers a perfect prompt for young children to create extensions of other stories they have read or heard. A deeper reading could encourage critical thinking by comparing the different pastimes of the neighbours or, ultimately, what it means to be home.

WRITER & ILLUSTRATOR Akiko Miyakoshi VERSION Portuguese ORIGINAL TITLE Yori no Kaerimishi TRANSLATION Nuno Quintas EDITOR Orfeu Mini EDITION YEAR 2019 PP. 40 FORMAT hardback | 21,0 x 26,5 cm ISBN 9789898868381

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