Front Facing Bookshelf with Storage

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Krakki is a front facing bookshelf with space for organized storage.
Display your selections for the week and store your book collection at the back.
And there's more: always keep those special extra sized books at hand on a special nook at the top.

Front facing bookshelves
Frontfacing bookshelves make it very easy for even the smallest toddler to choose a book: see it, hold it, take it!

Displaying a limited number of book options makes it less overwhelming when it's time to choose a book. Books should then be rotated every now and then. Even if you have a wide collection of picture books, they shouldn't be presented all at once.

Small children have a tendency for repetition. That's how they master each new skill. They do it again, and again, and again. This is also true with story time. They want to listen to the same story tonight, tomorrow and after tomorrow.
Less is more.

The cherry on top? Putting away books with their covers facing out usually makes tidying up easier and less messy.

The Krakki range is made of high quality, thick birch plywood, harvested from sustainable forests.

Width: 80 cm
Height: 92 cm
Depth: 39 cm