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Over and Under the Canyon

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In this latest book in the acclaimed "Over and Under" series, a spectacular hike reveals the hidden wonders, rich colours, and layers of wildlife living within a thriving desert slot-canyon.

"Over and Under the Canyon" takes young readers on a thrilling tour of a desert canyon ecosystem. Over the canyon, the sun scalds the air, baking desert mud to stone. But under the shade of the cliffs hides another world, where bighorn sheep bound from rock to rock on the hillside, roadrunners make their nests in sturdy cacti, and banded geckos tuck themselves into the shelter of the sand.
Discover the wonders concealed in the curves of the canyon, the magic of a desert wildflower bloom, and all the unexpected creatures that bring the desert to life.

WRITER Kate Messner ILLUSTRATOR Christopher Silas Neal VERSION English EDITOR Chronicle Books EDITION YEAR 2021 PP. 56 FORMAT hardback | 21,7 x 31,4 cm ISBN 9781452169392