Planeta Tangerina

Lá Fora | Guia para Descobrir a Natureza

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Who does this footprint belong to?
What is this worm doing here?
Is this a toad or a frog?
What do you call this tree?

Even if we live in a big city, there is always nature outside: clouds and stars, trees and flowers, rocks and beaches, birds, reptiles or mammals.

What are we waiting for?
Let’s jump off the couch and begin exploring!

Created in collaboration with a team of Portuguese experts, this book aims to spike curiosity about fauna, flora and other aspects of the natural world. It also includes suggestions for activities and many illustrations that will help the whole family getting started, leaving the house, and going out to discover – or simply admire – the amazing world that exists Outside.

AUTHOR Maria Ana Peixe Dias e Inês Teixeira do Rosário ILLUSTRATOR Bernardo P. Carvalho VERSION Portuguese EDITOR Planeta Tangerina EDITION YEAR 2021 PP. 368 FORMAT hardback | 17,0 x 22,0 cm ISBN 9789898145680