Planeta Tangerina

Era Uma Vez (e muitas outras serão)

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Billions of years ago, land took shape.
Thousands of years ago, people built some very large things.
A month ago, it was still autumn.
What will you do tomorrow?
How will you celebrate your birthday next year?
What do you wish for the future?

A reflection for all ages about the passage of time: the time past, the “here and now” and, above all, the things we want to build in this moment, for the future.

AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR Johanna Schaible ORIGINAL TITLE Once Upon A Time There Was And Will Be So Much More VERSION Portuguese TRANSLATION Isabel Minhós Martins e e Mariana Vale EDITOR Planeta Tangerina EDITION YEAR 2021 PP. 54 FORMAT hardback | 19,5 x 25,6 cm ISBN 9789898145680