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All Around Bustletown: Winter

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Winter has arrived and everywhere you look people are embracing the season. At home there's baking, reading, and sleeping in, while on the farm the fields are fallow and quiet. Outside people are bundled up against the cold as they are skating, sledding, and running to catch a crowded bus.
The town's buildings are alive with activity-piano lessons, a dentist appointment, shopping for presents, and visiting the museum. And if you look closer, you'll recognize the same characters on page after page, each with their own story. Wilfred the jogger has lost his keys, and Erica is shopping for a Christmas tree. Each minutely detailed scene is bursting with different people, such as a cheerful lady with an umbrella, and a young violinist, as well as animals and birds.

In the tradition of Richard Scarry and Where's Waldo, this book encourages kids to return again and again to these charming spreads, following along with the characters and inventing their own stories. They'll recognize parts of their own world, while also learning about the endless ways we live, work, and play in the winter. Kids will cozy up for hours of fun as they peruse this joyfully illustrated book that shows the endless ways winter takes hold in a busy, charming town.

ILLUSTRATOR Rotraut Susanne Berner VERSION English EDITOR Prestel Publishing Ltd EDITION YEAR 2019 PP. 14 FORMAT board book | 26,0 x 34,1 cm ISBN 9783791374154