Maravilhas da Natureza

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The black ink and watercolour images in this book are taken from the collection Inventaires Illustrés. Extracted from ten books, in 512 pages, it shows the diversity of life and its sumptuousness: mammals, insects, birds, arachnids, cnidarians, crustaceans, fish, amphibians, fruits and vegetables, lichens, trees, flowers, mosses.

In this book, Nature has been organised by common titles at the top of the page, according to current classifications: fungi and lichens are no longer classified as plants but are a separate kingdom; certain animals that were grouped together in the classical classification because they were morphologically similar are no longer in the same categories today. Each image is accompanied by the common name, the Latin name, its species, class or genus. No other descriptive text.

Science and art are combined here as much for the visual pleasure as for the intellectual interest of naming a nature so close and so far away. So fragile and so surprising.

WRITER Virginie Aldadjidi ILLUSTRATOR Emmanuelle Tchoukriel VERSION Portuguese ORIGINAL TITLE Beautés de la Nature TRANSLATION Ana M. Noronha e Elisabete Ramos EDITOR Kalandraka EDITION YEAR 2019 PP. 512 FORMAT hardback | 13,0 x 18,0 cm ISBN 9789895434022