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The bee is one of the world's most admirable creatures... but it's in danger.

Bzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz... do you hear it? Very close, zooming, buzzing... A bee! This is a book to discover the incredible work of bees.

Dancing and flitting from flower to flower, bees sip nectar and spread pollen. The pollen leads to seeds, the seeds to new plants, and these plants to new flowers. It is a wonderful and perfect cycle, which can only end in honey!

Come on this journey and find out how, together, we can protect bees.

WRITER Kirsten Hall ILLUSTRATOR Isabelle Arsenault VERSION Portuguese ORIGINAL TITLE The Honeybee TRANSLATION João Berhan EDITOR Orfeu Mini EDITION YEAR 2020 PP. 48 FORMAT hardback | 23,0 x 28,5 cm ISBN 9789898868664 NATIONAL READING PLAN